Ajia Loomis

My name is Ajia and I’m the owner of ALL Love Candles. After losing my corporate job mid pandemic, I was driven to start working for myself. I started my own clean burning, soy candle making business out of my home. Upon launching my business and posting on Social Media, I noticed that people enjoyed watching the candle-making process and was often asked by friends and family to show them how to make their own candles. Thus, the Candle Bar was born! 

Once quarantine was lifted, I decided to open an in-person candle making studio where visitors can interact and create new experiences. I want to be able to shed a little light with the entire community during a time of darkness. So I went back to my roots and landed in my hometown at the historic Hilliard Mills. Manchester, CT holds a special place in my heart and I look forward to sharing this new, fresh, aesthetically pleasing experience with the public!